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Board Exams How to prepare for board examination
12th board exams

In the career of a student board exams are very stressful and important as well. If the student has a better preparation for board examination then his level of stress will automatically reduce. To get the best score in your 12th examination here in this article we are providing some useful tips which will help you. The wrong thing which most of the mediocre students do is to copy the preparation style of the brighter students, which is according to me, is totally wrong. In spite of wasting your time and energy in knowing, the method of others preparation focus on your study material and start your own preparation in your own way.

12th Board Exams

The primary step of deciding your future career is the 12th board exams. This is an exam which will make the student go in the right colleges and institutions. Students who are appearing in the 12th class board examinations should always remember “the only real failure of life is the failure to try”.

Board Exams :

Here are some golden tips for preparation for board examination:-

  1. Confidence

The main problem in some of the brilliant students is that they lack in their confidence level. The negativity thinking regarding the result in spite of they have a better idea to learn, good concentration and interest in their study. The thing is to treat study as your hobby not as a load over you. So, guys let’s try to learn with fun. If this seriousness will come over your confidence then you should know that you have chosen a wrong path. One should have a positive attitude not only in exams but also in every path of life as positive attitude is the key to success.

  1. Time management

Another important thing in the preparation is to manage the time. A student should start managing time from the beginning of the class. One can do it by maintaining his time table and give equal time to all the subjects. And remember not to underestimate any subject. The problem that most of the students face of not completing the whole question paper in the allotted time of 3hrs is due to bad time management. The student who has a good time management will complete his question paper in or before time. Competitive Exams

  1. Revision

Nothing can work either time management or confidence if you have not revised what you studied. The syllabus which you have completed within one year needs a quick and thorough revision. Don’t plan of doing revision before one or two weeks before examination do it regularly from the very first Sunday of the commencement of your session. And try to complete your whole syllabus before one or two weeks before the examination so that you can get enough time for revision.

  1. Study method

Everyone has a peak concentration time so try to identify your peak time for study. Mention that time in your time table and study the subject or the topic in which you are felling difficulty at that peak concentration time. The right study method will help you in securing right in fact good marks in the final examination.

  1. Write notes

Writing is not only a good habit to learn effectively but it will also help you in enhancing the speed of writing. Speed of writing is also one of the factors which will result in fully completion of the question paper. Maintain two notebooks for each subject one for main content or question answers given by teacher and another for notes only. The notes are not supposed to be written in an organized manner they should be written in the way that you can easily understand.

Prepare Board Examination :

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