List of law courses in India

Here is the list of law courses India which the student can pursue after his/her 12th class. The law is also an emerging career in today’s time. All the students who have a logical mind or who think different from others and in a logical manner can choose Law as a career option. There is no limit of salary for a good lawyer. So here is List of law courses India. There are also monthly salary packages for the lawyers who are in government sector. In the field in which you are having keen interest you can study law for that.

Enlisted below Law Courses available in India

  1. LLB
  2. LLM
  3. PhD {Law}
  4. BA LLB
  5. BA LLB {Hons.}
  6. BBA LLB
  7. BBA LLB {Hons.}
  8. Com LLB
  9. Com LLB {Hons.}
  10. BSL LLB
  11. Sc. LLB
  12. Sc. LLB {Hons.}
  13. Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic Science
  14. LLB {Hons.}
  15. LLB {intellectual property rights}
  16. LLM {Bhariya Nyaya Darshan and Raj Dharma}
  17. LLM {Business Laws}
  18. LLM {Constitutional and Administrative Law}
  19. LLM {Constitution Law}
  20. LLM {corporate and financial law}
  21. LLM {corporate and securities law}
  22. LLM {crime and torts}
  23. LLM {criminal and commercial law}
  24. LLM {criminal law and criminology}
  25. LLM {Criminal Law}
  26. LLM {Energy Laws}
  27. LLM {Family Laws}
  28. LLM {Human rights}
  29. LLM {intellectual property rights}
  30. LLM {International & constitutional Law and Human rights}
  31. LLM {International Environmental Law}
  32. LLM {international law}
  33. LLM {international trade and economic law}
  34. LLM {international trade law}
  35. LLM {IPR and technology law}
  36. LLM {Labour Law and Administrative Law}
  37. LLM {Labour Law}
  38. LLM {Mercantile Law}
  39. LLM {Corporate Law}
  40. LL.D
  41. LLM (Hons.)
  42. MA anti terrorism laws
  43. MA {Business Law}
  44. MA {Criminal Justice}
  45. MA {Human Rights}
  46. MA {Public Policy, Law & Governance}
  47. Phil. {International Legal Studies}
  48. Phil {Law}
  49. Sc. Criminology
  50. Sc. {Criminology}
  51. PhD {International Legal Studies}
  52. Advance diploma in taxation Law
  53. Diploma in alternative dispute resolution system
  54. Diploma in Arbitration, Conciliation & Alternative Dispute Resolution System
  55. Diploma in business laws
  56. Diploma in Co-operative law
  57. Diploma in consumer Consultancy
  58. Diploma in corporate law and management
  59. Diploma in criminal law
  60. Diploma in criminology and forensic management

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