Top 10 Strategies to prepare JEE Advanced

Top 10 Strategies To Prepare JEE Advanced
Best Top 10 Strategies To Prepare JEE Advanced

Top 10 Strategies To Prepare JEE Advanced. All the candidates who will appear in the JEE Advance 2018 will not be less intelligent as they have cracked the JEE mains 2018. For cracking the JEE advance 2018 the candidate should be extraordinary and perform better than his peers. All the concepts of the aspirant should be crystal clear if he wants to clear the JEE Advance. The depth knowledge of each subject should be with the candidate. Here in this article you will find some of the extremely useful points which you can use in your preparation time.

JEE Advance 2018

Top 10 Strategies to prepare JEE Advanced

  1. All the happiness and excitement of cracking the JEE mains is to be left behind while preparing for JEE Advance. With the mood of excitement the mind of the candidate will distract so be focused and be serious.
  2. Till the time of completion of examination the attitude of the aspirant should be positive towards all the things as, positive attitude is equals to correct decisions and fresh mind can concentrate better.
  3. Make the habit of your body and mind of following a same pattern at least between the JEE Mains completion and JEE Advance commencement. Once hard work will result in giving you a buttery life.
  4. According to the experts if a few time is left then don’t go through the fresh topics in spite of that make your previous read topics strong by revising them regularly as, practice makes a man perfect.
  5. Solve at least 5 to 10 yrs old question papers for more practice and time should be with you in the form of your watch. Try to do the question paper in the time in which you will give it in real.
  6. Time management should be the utmost criteria of the candidate. For maintaining a good time management the aspirant should give online tests.
  7. Solve questions of different forms once after completing the syllabus. The solving of different questions will result in best practice. Consult an expert and ask him that how questions are being asked in the exam.
  8. Go through the examination pattern as, if the pattern of the examination is known then the preparation becomes quite easy.
  9. Keep your mind and body in a healthy position as, if the candidate will fall ill then he can’t even appear in the examination.
  10. Before the day of examination the aspirant should take at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep as if the mind will be relaxed it will work excellently.

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