Free Admission Colleges Universities

Find Free Admission Colleges Universities in India. The School, Institutes  which are giving free admission to the students without any fee. Primary Education is free Education in India by law, and after that elementary education, Students can get admission to colleges.

Free Admission criteria is based on different things, there are so many reasons and category that a student can get free admission in a college and University. Constitutional amendment 86th 2002, Article 21-A provides Free and Compulsory education to Indian Children from six to 14th age.

Free Admission Colleges Universities:

When complete elementary primary education from Class 1 to class 8 free education. Now its time to do study free middle education from class 9th to class 12th. This phase is one of the most important phase of school studies, where we choose our study subjects. Here you must know your study subjects which you have interest, So analyse yourself and choose according to that School or College & after that University.

Students are very eager to take admission in under graduate courses after completing their academic qualification. Here Student should take care of his/her interest when they are choosing subjects in that college. College and Universities provides free admission to students on various circumstances like previous class exam marks, reservation system and scholarship up to 100%.

Free Education In India:

India is a very big country by demography and one of the largest country by population. India is a young country where 65% of the citizen are young below 25 age. So it becomes a duty for Government and Private Institutions to provide quality education to all Indians. Free Education is now, not a new concept. It has been running successfully in many countries.

European Countries, African and others are giving their citizen free education from elementary to higher education. Indian Government and some private Institutions to certain limits. Some NGO are playing important role in spreading Free Education in India in many sectors.

Education is a very vast subjects, there are so many sectors like Primary education, Health, Tourism, Cultural and many more. Where we need to do more wattage so that we could spread  or promote free education in India to fulfill our social duty.




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